What is Sports Medicine?

While Sports Medicine is a well known specialty in human medicine, it is a relatively new branch of veterinary specialty medicine.  Sports Medicine primarily addresses issues related to physical fitness and conditioning as well as the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

Unique Needs Require a Unique Approach

Whether from competition or intense weekend exercise, our four legged companions often push their bodies to the limit and sometimes beyond.  As a result, sprains, strains and other more serious injuries can often occur.

When your athlete or weekend warrior is injured, you want an orthopedic specialist helping to diagnose, recommend treatment options and get your companion competition ready again.

Pacific Veterinary Sports Medicine & Surgery is led by Dr. Randy Fitch, a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon. As President of the American Canine Sports Medicine Association and with more than two decades of experience, Dr. Fitch has a strong understanding of the unique demands placed on canine athletes and the injuries that are associated with high performance or repetitive activities. 

While individual outcomes depend upon the nature and severity of injury as well as the quality of follow-up care, many patients have returned to champion level competition after diagnosis and treatment.

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